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Innovate at speed in regulated industries

Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes enables organizations across Europe to accelerate innovation through open source cloud-native technology, while ensuring security and regulatory compliance.

What is Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes?

Components of Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes

Benefits of Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes

The platform you would build yourself
Built with CNCF projects, public Architectural Decision Records, as well as great documentation for application developers.
Loved❤️ by CISOs👮 and DPOs🧑‍⚖️
Built around controls to achieve EU regulatory compliance with: GDPR, ISO 27001, NIS2 (BSI IT-Grundschutz).
Cloud agnostic, running in production in 10+ clouds
Runs on many EU clouds or on-prem.

Elastisys Compliant Kubernetes is trusted by industry leaders

  • Logo of Carasent
  • Logo of Elsa Science
  • Logo of Prorenata
  • Logo of Tempus
  • Logo of RISE

Power member of the cloud native community

  • Logo of Cloud Native Computing Foundation Silver Member
    Maintained by Elastisys, proud CNCF silver member
  • Logo of Certified Kubernetes Service Provider
    Runs in production hosting critical applications
  • Logo of Certified Kubernetes
    Our platform is a CNCF Certified Kubernetes® Distribution

Commercial offering