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Enabling user alerts

This is administrator-facing documentation associated with this user guide. Please read that one first.


Alertmanager should no longer be access via an Ingress, since this circumvents access control and audit logs. Please find the updated access method in the user guide linked above.

Perform the following configuration changes in wc-config.yaml:

  1. Set user.alertmanager.enabled=true.
  2. Ensure user.alertmanager.ingress.enabled is false.

For v0.18 and below include the following changes:

  1. Update the user.namespaces list to include alertmanager.
  2. Set user.alertmanager.namespace=alertmanager.

Then apply ck8s-apps.


Please find below an example taken from wc-config.yaml, which was tested with compliantkubernetes-apps v0.17.0 and also applies to version v0.18:

  ## This only controls if the namespaces should be created, user RBAC is always created.
  createNamespaces: true
  ## List of user namespaces to create.
    - alertmanager
    - demo1
    - demo2
    - demo3
  ## List of users to create RBAC rules for.
  ## User controlled alertmanager configuration.
    enabled: true
    ## Namespace in which to install alertmanager
    namespace: alertmanager
    ## Create basic-auth protected ingress to alertmanager
      enabled: false


For versions after v0.18 alertmanager may not be listed under user.namespaces and the option user.alertmanager.namespace is deprecated.