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User Guide Overview

This guide is for users who manage application on top of Compliant Kubernetes.

A user can be described via the following user stories:

  • As a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline, I want to push new container images to the container registry.
  • As a Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline, I want to push changes to the Compliant Kubernetes cluster, so that the new version of the application is running.
  • As an application developer, I want to inspect how my application is running, so that I can take better development decisions.
  • As a super user, I want to configure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to delegate access to application developers.
  • As a super user, I want to configure NetworkPolicies, so that applications running in the same Compliant Kubernetes cluster are well zoned.
  • As a super user, I want to configure Policies (e.g., "do not use latest as a container tag), so as to avoid trivial mistakes.


We suggest application developers to only perform changes to a production Compliant Kubernetes cluster via a Continuous Delivery Pipeline. This method, also known as GitOps, provides an audit log, review and testing of system changes for "free". This significantly facilitates complying with change management policies.