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Argo™ CD (preview)

ArgoCD Deployment Model

This page will help you succeed in connecting to Argo CD application which meets your security and compliance requirements.

Provision a New Argo CD Cluster

Ask your service-specific administrator to install a Argo CD inside your Compliant Kubernetes environment.The service-specific administrator will ensure the Argo CD cluster complies with your security requirements, including:

  • Business continuity: Due to its functionality, ArgoCD does not need high availability and Kubernetes's self-healing is sufficient for business continuity of ArgoCD. Hence, it is sufficient to run only one replica of ArgoCD provided at least two Nodes have capacity to host it.
  • Disaster recovery: Your service-specific administrator will configure velero with regular backups.
  • Capacity management: Your service-specific administrator will ensure Argo CD has enough capacity to meet your needs,as required to get the best performance.
  • Incident management: Your administrator will set up the necessary probes, dashboards and alerts, to discover issues and resolve them, before they become a problem.
  • Access control: Your administrator will provides Argo CD URL that has authentication using Dex.

For installing ArgoCD, Compliant Kubernetes recommends the Argo CD Helm Chart.

Getting Access

Your administrator will set up the authentication inside Compliant Kubernetes, which will give you access to ArgoCD UI.

Follow the Go-Live Checklist

You should be all set. Before going into production, don't forget to go through the go-live checklist.

CK8S Argo CD Release Notes

Check out the release notes for the Argo CD setup that runs in Compliant Kubernetes environments!

Further Reading