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Jaeger™ (preview)

For Elastisys Managed Services Customers

You can order Managed Jaeger™ by filing a service ticket.

This is a preview feature. For more information, please read ToS 9.1 Preview Features.

Jaeger Deployment Model
Jaeger on Compliant Kubernetes Deployment Model
This help you build a mental model on how to access Jaeger as an Application Developer and how to connect your application to Jaeger.

This page will help you succeed in connecting your application to Jaeger tracing which meets your security and compliance requirements.

Getting Access

Your administrator will set up the authentication reverse proxy inside Compliant Kubernetes, which will give you access to Jaeger UI.

Prepare your application

The Jaeger agent is exposed as a DaemonSet. Your application needs to be told where the agent is located by setting the environment variable JAEGER_AGENT_HOST to the value of the Kubernetes node’s IP:

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
      - name: my-app
        image: acme/my-app:my-version
        - name: JAEGER_AGENT_HOST
              fieldPath: status.hostIP

Follow the Go-Live Checklist

You should be all set. Before going into production, don't forget to go through the go-live checklist.

CK8S Jaeger Release Notes

Check out the release notes for the Jaeger setup that runs in Compliant Kubernetes environments!

Further Reading